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  • The Spanish National Research Council-CSIC has deployed a distributed computing infrastructure to facilitate CSIC researchers the accomplishment of scientific projects requiring computing resources beyond the capabilities of a single user or research group. GRID-CSIC has been therefore given the structure of a Horizontal Unit inside the Council. The coordination is done from the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA), in Santander.

    The GRID - CSIC infrastructure intends to foster multidisciplinarity and joint projects between CSIC centers. Researchers from CSIC will have seamless access to a distributed infrastructure consisting in the first phase (2008 - 2010) of over 8000 CPUs and a total storage of more than 1000 TeraB (1 PetaB).

    GRID - CSIC is built in a completely interoperable way, which allows the resources to be shared with similar initiatives in Europe and World-Wide. Special emphasis is put into the creation of a joint Grid infrastructure together with the Institute des Grilles (CNRS) in France, dedicated to support to the collaborative work between the researchers of both institutions.

    DNA Lattice QCD Herschel-planck earth Higgs
  • The participation of CSIC centers in Grid infrastructures dates back to the seminal projects DATAGRID and CROSSGRID, where the Institute of Physics of Cantabria-IFCA and the Institute of Corpuscular Physics-IFIC played a crucial role since the beginning of the 2000s. Since then CSIC has been involved in all the phases of EGEE, and has coordinated the project Interactive European Grid, which has been very succesfull in promoting the use of advanced tools on Grid infrastructures: MPI, interactivity and visualization.

    Currently CSIC is coordinates de Grid infrastructure of the project EU for ITER Applications (EUFORIA) and participates in promotion of Grid tecnologies to general scientific instrumentation in the context of the project Deployment of Remote Instruments (DORII).

    GRID - CSIC represents the institutional commitment of CSIC towards the sustainability of Grid Infrastructures in the European Reseach Area. In this context CSIC is an important player in the designing and promotion of the future European Grid Initiative (EGI).

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